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I am a real newbie, and so this question.
I have started cycling for leisure on Sunday and live in London. I am exploring the cycle paths having got hold of the cycle route maps form the Transport for London website.
My question is how to find toilets during a long cycle ride.
Would I be able to use the toilets in petrol stations?
I know public toilets are not that available in London, and it can be a real hassle trying to find one.
Would the shop keeper question me if I go in just to use the toilet? Since I will be wearing a helmet and cycling clothes, it may become evident that I got in the shop just to use the toilet.


  • Empty your bowels before you leave the house and then secluded bushes are sufficient for everything else....
    I know I am a neanderthal but nature provides these things for us.....just don't let anyone see you doing it as you could et reported for indecency :twisted:
    17 Stone down to 12.5 now raring to get back on the bike!
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    Al Fresco p*ssing, aka getting back to nature.

    Just try not to do it in front of nuns, schoolgirls or police.

    The first will be shocked, the second will depending on age scream or want a closer look, the third might get you arrested.
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    chuckcork wrote:

    Just try not to do it in front of nuns, schoolgirls or police.

    The third will ask you to stop mid-flow :shock: , hit you with an £80 fine or ask you to clean it up or does in Brizzle.
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    dont ride in london haha

    dont know how nice people are down there but in the north they proberbly wouldnt be bothered, but you can always just find a tree to go behind :lol::lol:
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    thanks very much. replies were really reassuring. my only worry is that there are more building than trees in London, and it may not be that easy to find a secluded area in London :oops:
    Thats is why I thought about petrol stations
  • garages are normally fairly obliging. Maybe you could buy a bar of choccie or a bottle of drink while you are in there ? Some enery food every couple of hours isn't too bad.
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    as a fellow sufferer of sudden dump syndrome you have my sincere sympathy.

    the worst thing is when people say ' pay a visit before you leave home ', they have no idea.

    take bog roll with you and pray, its bad enough in Newcastle, but looking for a field in London must be a nightmare
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    thanks everybody. I will be taking some cash and coins to buy energy drinks, which will give me a reason to use the toilets in the petrol stations.
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    Don't forget pubs. If you leave your helmet on the bike they won't know you are not stopping until you have left!
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    Josie Dew pointed out to my wife many years ago that an old fashioned cycle cape makes an impressive "port-a-loo"

    Although explaining why you are wearing a waterprof cape at 70degres on a bright summer day can be amusing!

    Carry a small handtrowel or a plastic bag lined with tissue.Under cover of the cape - Do the business and bury or take to a suitable disposal point for the bag.

    PS do be aware of energy foods. Some contain supplements that are laxative in effect!
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    Pissing behind trees is OK unless you are wearing bib shorts in which case you either need a foot long willy or a short length of garden hose :shock:
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    ive got a foot long willy but i dont use it as a rule

    i might make an exception for you though :lol:
    'dont forget lads, one evertonian is worth twenty kopites'
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    fast as fupp - do you let your secretary use your dictaphone?
  • Hmmm...Boybiker beat me to the bib-tights conundrum. I'm lucky to live in the country and can dive into the woods, but having to then virtually strip off in the cold is no joke!!

    However, I think legally (as from a year or so ago) pubs, restaurants, shops et cetera are obliged to let you use their toilets. I'm sure the law was set up to counteract the closure of so many public conveniences.
  • I'm not sure that the Community Toilet Scheme is law - suspect it is still voluntary. Many councils are adopting the ideals of the scheme. Pubs, shops, garages etc are paid around £500 a year to allow public access to their existing toilets. they contract to keep the toilets clean and available .. but only during their normal opening hours. And they can drop out whenever they want.

    But it's a start.
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    ive got a foot long willy but i dont use it as a rule

    i might make an exception for you though :lol:
    Yeah right talk is cheap Mr crappy stalker we want proof, No actually on second thoughts forget I said that :oops:
    The gear changing, helmet wearing fule.
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    great news about community toilet scheme. i googled it and found that some borroughs are a lot more proactive. so you could just use the toilet and say that you thought it was part of the community toilet scheme.

    it could be interesting to know a bit more about any new law which is comming up.