Giant SCR 3.0

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Hi guys,

I bought a Giant SCR 3.0 last year, and have done about 3,500 miles on it, always thinking it was too big (Large 55.5cm). Having bought another bike (56cm) it has a much more comfortable reach to the bars, despite them being lower. So, I've picked up a second hand SCR 3 (Medium 50cm) to use as a training bike, which should feel much comfier.

My question is, will I notice any increase in performance due to the slightly lighter weight and stiffer frame? (I realise tubing is the same but by being smaller it should be stiffer).

Also, is this a good frame to upgrade components on? How does it rate if I were to upgrade to say 105 parts and new wheels? Is it regarded as a good frame to upgrade (i heard the Spec Allez is)? Is it fairly light weight (being compact helps?!)?

Any comments would be great!


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    1 - A lighter bike will accelerate faster and be easier to get up hills. I doubt you'll notice the difference as there will be other differences wil irding a smaller bike, like comfort and the ability to get the power into the pedals.

    2 - AFAIK the SCR frame is the same throughout the range so if it's the right size and you're happy with it then yes, upgrading the components is a good idea. You'll notice a huge difference between 105 and Tiagra. It's quieter and the shifting is much crisper and more precise. A better pair of wheels should be lighter which is less weight to be hauling up hills.
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    As you have both bikes you are in the best position to judge. As they are the same frame (as are all SCR models) the difference a slightly smaller one makes is more to do with how it feels in relation to your size - distance to the bars, your position relative to the wheels and pedals and so on.

    IMHO accurately adjusted Tiagra STIs shift just fine. However, spending more and going for 105 or Ultegra will get you (incrementally) better and lighter components. The main difference between the Sora on your SCR 3 and all of the above is the shifting method for going up the gears. They use the paddles behind the brake levers for shifting both up and down. Regular maintenance - especially keeping the drivetrain lubed and adjusted - is as important as anything. Swapping STIs is not a cheap thing to do.

    I'd suggest you decide which bike fits you best and ride it as it is for a while. I'd clean up and sell the other - if it doesn't fit you now it never will.

    Work out what benefits any upgrades would bring before spending the money. Lighter wheels are nice but, from what I've read on here, not as big a benefit as one might hope for - unless you spend quite a bit of money. The first thing I'd suggest you change is tyres, if you don't have a decent set already. Vittoria Rubino Pro, Michelin Krylion, Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp and Conti GP4000S Black Chilli get favourable mentions on these forums.
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