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What forks shall i get

Adam TonksAdam Tonks Posts: 13
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi all
im just wanting some advice on what forks you all think i should get.
ive got a xc carrera kraken frame and unsure what would be best. for my forks ive got a budget of between £120 - £180.
Cheers everyone :)
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Do you still have the original XCRs? They're not terrible... You'll get an upgrade easily enough but I think I'd want a bit more budget than you have, and then you end up spending more than the bike cost :D
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  • no ive just got a brand new frame thats all i have need to buy everything for it to start my project. i have been looking around and im considering buying some rockshox tora 318 u turn or the marzocchi 22 lo as both fall near about my price range and have relatively good reviews :)
    and also thanks
    Specailized Hardrock Sport :)
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  • i would say shop arround mate, there are lots of great deals going at the mo.
    from personal experiacne i would say rockshocks as they always score good reviews and i have a pair of revolutions on my chameleon and they have been great up to now.

    after the experiance we had in whistler last month i dont think i will buy marzocchi again. though the problems we had were with the new 55 ata.
    the forks were purchased new at the begining of the season in may (this year)
    we went back to whistler for the last 2 weeks of the season, 2 days into the trip and the marzochis wouldt hit full travel. back to the shop they went.
    we were told it is a common fault and it was caused by the damper return valve, a simple repair but at a cost of 40 dollars.
    after begrudgingly paying the 40 buck's the forks were fine for about 2 hours. 1 and a half laps of cut yer bars and they had completly collapsed no travel at all.
    so back to the shop they went only to be fobbed off. ( all the main guys from the shop had gone to vegas for interbike. so was left to argue with the part time stoners that worked weekends.)
    in the end i ended up buying a new pair of fox tallas rc2 36. so we didnt loose any riding time on the holiday.
    then the following week when everyone was back from vegas, we took the forks back and the manager got on the phone to marzocchi and they sent down a new revised modified cartridge, this was fitted free of charge. and seem to resolve the problem.
    though i dont know for sure yet as the forks have not been used since.
    apparantly this is a very common problem on that model fork as it was a new range this year. hence the moddified cartridge sent from/by marzocchi.

    sorry for the life story :D a bit long winded i know. but that is my experiance of marzochi forks.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Lots of choices here.

    The Tora 318 Uturn is a very capable fork, but fairly heavy.
    Tora 318 will shed some poundage, but if not going over 100mm, might as well get the Tora Race.
    Some Recons can be got cheaply. The alu legs save weight over the tora steel.
    The marzochhi 22 looks basic, and overly heavy for the money.
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Another option: Magura Odur 2008, for £170. Light and also has good reviews.
    Plus it says can be used for: All Mountain :shock: , Tour, X-Country.
  • cheers guys for the advice its looking like some rockys to be honest ill have to see what is on the market at the moment
    santabruz i didnt mind the story it was funny and makes it better resding lol :)
    again thanks all
    Specailized Hardrock Sport :)
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