Anybody new to Road Riding near Perth?

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Hi, I've recently taken up Road riding (still do MTB too) but want to build up to some longer rides. If anyone lives near Perth and would like to join me on some rides through winter and beyond please give me a shout. I've signed up to a London - Paris ride next Summer which involves 300 miles in 4 days so I'll be trying to get happy in the saddle for hours.

If it matters, I'm 32 and live in Bridge of Earn.



  • SCR Pedro
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    Hey mate,

    I'm not too far away (Kinross). I ride up to Glenfarg about 4 times per week. That would be a pretty good place to meet and do a loop from there, and I ocassionaly ride with another guy from the forum who'd maybe join us.

    I'm in and out of job interviews/job centre at the moment, so I can't predict my schedule. If the weather is decent enough next week, we could get some miles in.

    On the other hand, there is a cycle club in Perth, who probably do bigger miles than I do, but I tend to do 40-65km rides with a lot of climbing.


    There may be an informal club starting up in Kinross soon. I know the owner of the new bike shop, and we're trying to come up with some ideas.
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  • Hey Pedro, thanks for your reply, I'm kinda busy next week as I'm actually moving to BofE (used to live near Kinross myself - Kinnesswood). Drop me an email so I have your address and we can hopefully meet up when I've done all my DIY chores!!