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Fitting Cleats To Carbon Soles

mik75mik75 Posts: 149
edited October 2008 in MTB general
I've just picked up some Spesh MTB Pro shoes in the sale as my 3 year old Spesh Comp shoes were about to disintegrate any ride now.

I've never owned a pair of carbon soled shoes before and wondered if there was anything different I needed to consider when fitting my Shimano cleats?
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  • streakostreako Posts: 2,937
    No problems with mine so far.

    I wouldnt go changing cleat positions too often though as they have wee teeth that stop the cleat from budging.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,238
    If you use CB pedals I'd use their shoe shields to stop the pedal arms gouging holes in your shoes....
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  • grumstagrumsta Posts: 994
    Do you have a torque wrench? I'd be paranoid about doing anything with carbon without a torque wrench and knowing the correct torque.
  • mik75mik75 Posts: 149
    Too late Grumsta. Cleats aligned and nipped up ready for this afternoons ride in The Peaks. I was careful not to apply too much power and stopped when there was a creak from the carbon sole but all is well. Just looking forward to testing them now on what looks like a beautiful autumn afternoon.
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  • DazzzaDazzza Posts: 2,364
    Personally id use crank brothers sole protectors, works with spd and other cleats, i bought them for my sidi's and they work well.
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