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fixed chain and sprocket help

david12656david12656 Posts: 32
edited October 2008 in Road general
started to covert a old frame to fixed .got the wheels brake levers and brakes. handle bars and seat now for the technical bit .can someone tell me what size chain 1/8 3/32 is best for a quite and long lasting transmision.and can you mix them
thanks for any help


  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,774
    Yes can use 1/8th on 3/32 cog and/or rings - but not vice versa!
    Matter of prefernce and cost really. IMO all 1/8th best. Then all 3/32nd. After that....mix and match as you will - altho' probable that if chain line less than "perfect" then a 1/8th chain will help!
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  • will go with 1/8 then thanks .going to start to build it all up tommorow cant wait to get on the road . thanks for the info
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