Another exciting question about tyres

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My new commuting bike came with Marathon tyres. These seemed okay if not so speedy as the Maxxis Colombieres on my road bike. The grip in the wet also seemed a bit suspect. However I have just had my first glass p***e after only 400 miles so I am now thinking whether to put on Marathon Pluses. Are they much slower than Marathons? Is there a better option, hopefully combining bullet proofness with speed?? Anyone tried the Stelvio Plus? The wheels are 700s and will take 25mm or 28mm.


  • If you are concerned about the weight of the Marathon Pluses (380g each at 25mm I think), you could go for Stelvio Pluses instead, which use the same design. can beat any price I've seen in the UK for the latter, but I decided to fit the former for winter, bought at the same time a few weeks back.
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    I think changing your tyres after one puncture isn't really fair - it's hardly a credible sample size! Marathons are good tyres, and it's worth trying to get more use out of them before spending money possibly unnecessarily on something that's likely to slow you down.
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    Unfortunately I know all about sample sizes, working in stats (exciting eh!). But what put me was the ease with which the glass cut through the belt. Plus I might be able to "hand-down" the tyres to my other half who doesn't commute.

    Stelvio Pluses do look interesting. Anyone tried them out?