Frame size help!

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i guess this is the place to post (sorry if it isn't)

basically, i'm looking to buying the boardman road comp within the month i've been saving up my work money for it and quite looking forward to it.
BUT i have an issue with sizing, i have the boardman mountain comp and have a size 20" frame which in hindsight it too big for mountain biking and i should have got a smaller one.

i'm about 5 ft 9 and 17 years 2 months i'd expect i'd grow a bit but not that much more
i also prefer to have a tall riding style (hence i got a 20" mountian frame) if that helps

any input is gladly recieved,



  • Frame sizes vary so there is no real answer to this. You need to go and sit on the bike in the shop, preferably on a trainer or even a quick spin in the car park if they allow it.

    I am 5'8ish with a 30in inside leg. I start looking at frames as a starting point.
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    Starting Point ONLY. Inside leg (actual, not trouser size!) less c. 10-11" equals seat tube centre of b/b to top of said tube AS IF A HORIZONTAL TOP TUBE i.e. virtual.
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  • ok thanks anyway guys