Mark Renshaw on Cav and his Mum!

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Great interview with Mark Renshaw here: ... shaw_oct08

I loved this on his Mum and track racing:

Not content with watching her son compete at the highest level, Renshaw's mother recently competed at the masters track world championships, held in Sydney. "She's only been doing it a couple of years now and she loves it," he explained. "I don't think there would be many other pro riders whose mum races at masters worlds!"

"I'm going to have to get her some sponsors so she can get a better bike and wheels. She's always asking me how to do things on the track. For the first few years of my career she couldn't watch - the first national title I won she didn't watch, she walked out. It was the scratch race.

"When I saw her later I asked whether she had seen the big move around the outside on the last lap she said, 'Nah, I had to walk out.' Now she's racing the highest level she can, which is good."

Would you encourage your Mum to take to the track?
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    My mum on the track?

    Hell, why not.

    My mum lives out in the middle of nowhere - very rural Australia.

    It took me 6 years to teach her how to use the Internet (and 3 of those were spent explaining that typing in CAPS is considered yelling); now she's a net junkie and teaching me (and I work in the IT industry).

    My mum's on the wrong side of 60 now, but the things she's doing currently she would never believed she could do even 2 years ago.

    This year she even watched the entire TdF on TV and by Paris had worked out that Paul Sherwin isn't an expert on cycling.