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Fru T Bunn
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I ve quite a wide head and generally look a bit of a dork in sunglasses.

Is there anyone else out there like me who can recommend me some eyewear up to £25?

Many thanks.


  • bigease
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    I have a couple of pairs (2 people brought me the same Christmas present!) of the DHB glasses. These have 3 lenses and a pretty comfortable. I also have a big head.


    Hope this helps
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  • Rob4
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    I was looking for glasses I could use while night-time commuting (the crap that ends up in your eyes round the Big Smoke......) and spotted some first-rate clear eye protectors in B&Q for about £3.95!
    They're brilliant in practical terms, and for sunny days you can get the tinted version. But yes I do look like a complete and utter pillock.
  • sicknote
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    If you have a Netto's near you, go and have a look to see if they have any of they glasses left as I got some for a £1 ( Kicking myself for not getting another pair ), plus they come with 4 pairs for lenses.
    Yellow,Dark grey, Clear and Mirrored with I used on the London to Cambridge ( it was one of the hottest days of the year ), they where comfy all day too :wink:
  • fluff.
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    search for `cycling safety glasses' on the bay for your cheapest alternative if lidl/ aldi/ netto don't have any kicking about.
  • Rich-Ti
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    Pro Bike Kit have some great glasses that come with 5 sets of lenses for less than £20!!
  • damage36
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    The dhb triple lenses have already been mentioned, however I would definitely go with these awkward fitting buggers. Spend a only few quid more and get some dhb pro triple lens glasses. I just got a pair, and...

    they look great (even made the cover of cycling plus!)
    they are very light and a good fit
    the three lenses are easy to change and cover you well for all light conditions

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/dhb_P ... 360036778/

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  • schilbach
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    fluff. wrote:
    search for `cycling safety glasses' on the bay for your cheapest alternative if lidl/ aldi/ netto don't have any kicking about.



    This geezer is cheap, has a choice and if you order today, chances are you'll have them before the weekend!