pearson touche and langster q's

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What is the biggest width tyres that can be fitted to either of these with or without guards
Do they both have rack mounts and guard mounts

Which is best for commuting on?


  • meagain
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    Langster. Might squeeze x25s in but really built for x23s I reckon (that's what mine's wearing!). Guards a no-no. Bizarrely, rear drop outs have a 'grd (rack) eye and there are rack mounts on the seat stays. I suppose a rack with a top could act as a bit-of-guard? NOT a commuter IMO. The Tricross is much better for all round use (thus I have one of each!).
    Not sure about the Touche - I'm sure the Pearson site gives details?
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  • LA
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    I've got 25's on my Pearson plus it'll take guards but not a rack. Haven't got round to putting guards it & probably won't even though I'm going to use it as my winter bike.

    'Which is the best for commuting on?' - Spec wise or comfort? Not tried the Langster but the Touche is a comfy as my road bike for geometry.
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  • kilo
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    The Langster will take 25mm's but not any wider, mines got 25mm gatorskins on it. I've never tried fitting guards on my 2005 Langster, you defintiely won't fit them to the front but a rear guard or rear race blade may work. Never bothered with a rack I use a Carradice bag and sqr which gives good load carrying ability and seems to catch any rear wheel crud. I only use mine as a commuter now days and it's fine for this. I suppose it depends on how much you need to carry and if you are bothered by the abscence of guards. maybe the Pearson Hanzo is a better commuting bet?
  • meagain
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    Hargraves Cycles web site claims to have Tricrosses at 100 quid less than the Hanzo.
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  • don_don
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    Touche easily takes Gatorskin 28's with guards, possibly 32's at a push but haven't tried anything that wide.

    Great for commuting - nippy and quick but no toe overlap at all, even with guards (although I only have size 8 feet) :) The paintwork is proving pretty tough so far as well.

    Maybe LA has an older model? Mine is this year's and has both rack and guard mounts. I don't think the Langster has either.
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    When I bought my Langster under the bike to work scheme a couple of years back I had 25mm tyres, race blades and lights in the package and it is fine as a quick low maintenance commuter even with all the extra kit on it is by far the lightest commuting bike in our workplace bike shed and I find that it is a fun and exciting ride.
  • LA
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    Don_don, you're right, the Touche does take a rack (I've got this years model as well). I was half guessing the answer from the comfort of my lounge rather than walk to the garage to check :oops:

    I also don't have a problem with toe overlap as I take a 7 :D
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  • I've had a rack on my langster before, but raceblades are it for mudguards. Works excellent as a commuter bike.
    If you want rack/guards, look at the genesis flyer. One has guard mounts, one doesn't. Ones white and one black, can't remember which is which, but...[/code]
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  • Ive got the Pearson as well (rebranded) and ive no worries with overlap and i am a size 13. Really nice bike to ride, responsive and a good laugh in traffic.
    I prefer it to my road bike, everything seems so much more direct!!