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Has anyone any experience of this sizing/fitting service please. Had a quick search but couldn't find anything..




  • doyler78
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    Pretty much most of the shops that do a standard basic bike fitting use these. Got one done myself. Its ok but I ended up adjusting things anyway after it so wouldn't rave about. It gives you a good starting point and is good for sizing up bikes if you are looking a new one.
  • I had fitting at lbs and the difference was huge. I was very novice and seat was too low, stem too long. I had bought a used bike of a mate and this way got it fitted to me and did a 460 mile charity ride (in 4 & half days) after without aches or issues. I would say the system is only as good as the person interpreting it.
  • yep i had one done and was good to have a proper set of measurements, however you will need to make some compromises in terms of frame unless you are spending big money on a custom bike.