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Defy 2 or something with flair?!

EssexSuffolkEssexSuffolk Posts: 112
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Hi all, this is my first post here, but its been useful reading other questions etc,

I'm on the verge of getting myself a road bike - mainly for fitness (I'm tired of slogging around country lanes on my MTB). Looking to spend in the region of £800 (flexible for the right bike). Comfort probably comes above out and out speed: I'm looking for something comfortable enough for all day rides.

I tested a Specialized Allez Sport and found it a bit "stretched out" for my liking, despite trying a couple of sizes. The Giant Defy 2 I tried felt good, geometry seemed spot on (I'm kind of trusting my instinct here); it's a decent spec bike for my purposes and I'd probably be happy with it.....but it doesn't exactly set my pulse racing. Feels like the bike equivalent of a decent Ford car - great, practical, but not exciting (no disrespect to Ford drivers intended, they're decent, like the Giant). So, I'm open to suggestions as to what else I should try - something comfortable, but with flair?! (oh, and not Sora groupset, I wouldn't get on with the shifters I'm afraid). Bianchi appeals, but I'm clueless as to the Campagnolo choices available.

Or should I just be happy with having found a comfortable geometry in the Giant, it is a very nice bike after all?!




  • niponnipon Posts: 68
    Hi, i ride a bianchi c2c and my wife rides a giant scr2. They are both realy good bikes they both have almost the same giometry but the bianchi is a bit lower from the handle bars to the floor witch make it feal alot different,we both find the giant a bit more of a comfortable bike but the bianchi seems alot faster,Campag gears are similar to sora in the way that they have the small button for changing down but they are more comfortable,they use the same design all through there range,i prefer them to my wifes tiagra.But i have to say my next bike will probably be a Giant.For your £800 there are some really good 08 model deals about and you can get a higher spec one than a defy 2 :D
  • feelfeel Posts: 800
    Hi are you buying it now? Are you going to ride it through winter ? If so you might want to consider mudguard capability. No idea if the Giant has mudguard clearance or not mind :oops:
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  • The giant Defy range has def (like the play on the word def :):) ) got mudguard clearance. I looked at the range last Sat and the assistant assured and even showed me the mudguards ( it would appear you must use the mudguards supplied by Giant) I have also emailed Giant about this and they have also confirmed.

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  • incog24incog24 Posts: 549
    You could swap the tyres on the giant for 23mm, might make it a fair bit more fun to ride?
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  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 12,934
    get the defy 3 or 4 and spend the rest on good clothing..

    pedals shoes quality lycra wind stopper jackets etc...

    especially if all day comfort is your priority

    a flasher bike with cheaper clothing will be trumped COMPLETELY by a decent bike and good clothing

    ignore if you an afford defy 2 plus loads of top notch clothing... admittedly the defy 2 has a better frame AIUI

    the point being is don't forget that

    clothing =comfort=more miles
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  • Thanks for the replies so far - interesting to hear the Bianchi/Giant comparison from Nipon, gives the Giant a thumbs up for comfort.

    I'd considered the mudguard question, but have to be honest that the thought of adding mudguards doesn't appeal, having never done so in the past. Slimmer tyres are something I'll consider though and a its good point about clothing. I'm lucky in already having fairly decent clothing from my MTB riding, certainly does make a difference to a good ride.

    My only remaining question is: are there any other comfort orientated road bikes out there that I should be considering? I hope to try out a Cannondale Synapse, but what else...
  • SCR PedroSCR Pedro Posts: 912
    Hey there,

    When I was buying a new bike, I was considering the Bianchi C2C Sora and the Giant SCR2. I chose the SCR because it had the Tiagra groupset which in my opinion is far superior to Sora.

    I sometimes look at the colour and curves of the Bianchi and think how I'd still like one, but I consider the Giant to be the best £545 I have ever spent. It's comfortable over long distances, very reliable and now that I've put some blue handlebar tape and tyres on it, it even looks a lot cooler.

    If I were you though, I would consider going for a 2008 SCR1 or 1.5 they are a steal at end of season sale prices.

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  • SCR PedroSCR Pedro Posts: 912
    Giant SCR1.5 for £550 A lot of bike for not much money, but very little flair, if any at all. ... 360037569/
    Giant TCR Advanced II - Reviewed on my homepage
    Giant TCR Alliance Zero
    BMC teammachineSLR03
    The Departed
    Giant SCR2
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  • If I were you though, I would consider going for a 2008 SCR1 or 1.5 they are a steal at end of season sale prices.

    Another thumbs up for the SCR. I bought one for the comfort aspect but don't worry about that, its still a pretty fast bike especially with better wheels & 23mm tyres.

    So my advice would be, search around for a SCR its a great time to buy one with around a three to four hundred pound lower price tag than the Defy for almost the same spec it makes sense to get a SCR.
  • dealdeal Posts: 857
    I have an scr 2 and was pleased with it, but not pleased enough to stop me buying something a little nicer a few months later :lol:

    on the other hand it now makes a good winter bike.
  • SCR definitely takes standard (non Giant) mudguards. There was a thread about finding the right thread for the screws to hold them on.
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  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,734
    SCR Pedro wrote:
    Giant SCR1.5 for £550 A lot of bike for not much money, but very little flair, if any at all.

    I think my 1.5 is very groovy, but then I've always had a soft spot for monochrome colour schemes 8)
  • RedAendeRedAende Posts: 158
    My mate just picked up a SCR 1.5 for £500, a bargain , his first road bike and very happy with it.

    Does admit its a bit understated vs my Bianchi via nirone c2c , and has already started saving for a Colnago lol.

    My bike has Campag xenon, 2009 costs £700, the Mirage equipped £800, bang on your budget. G/f recently acquired a Bianchi fitted with Shimano Ultegra, lighter and smoother than mine but I prefered Campag (yes g/f and I have had the campy vs shimano debate lol)

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  • Thanks for more replies all, a helpful forum this.

    RedAnde, how do you find the Xenon when changing down from the drops? What's your opinion of the Bianchi in terms of comfort?

    I think a trip to London is required, LBS around here are limited in the choice they offer.
  • RedAendeRedAende Posts: 158

    very comfortable, only problem I get is a stiff neck from time to time but think my stem is too long at 9cm. g/f's is 5cm so going to swap and test.

    Bike is far more comfortable than my old steel time trial Aende frame, as comfortable as my 531 mercian but far quicker/responsive.

    Now that i'm used to the drops again after 20 yrs away I even find it far more comfortable then my spesh hardtock mtb which now gathers cobwebs in garage. You'll never go back to the mtb for country lanes again. I use mine on canal tow paths in dry weather, prefer it to mtb.

    As for gear changing, its easy on the hoods but due to button on campag I need to move hand up a bit from drops, but I've got small hands.

    Just make sure you get right size, I bought 53cm, 5'6", 29" inside leg, 53cm is the max I can ride, maybe I should have opted for 50cm, stem swap will tell me.

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  • Thanks for the info, appreciated. I need to go and test one of these Bianchi!
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Red Aende; I'm 5'6" but with 31" inside leg, (longer legs but shorter reach) and seemed to need the 50 or 51 size whatever I tried. Ended up with a 51cm Racelight Tk with as short a stem as Epic would fit.
  • RedAendeRedAende Posts: 158
    Keef, Probably right for me, but as I have the bike, and saddle at a comfortable height its now a shorter stem I need to try to lessen the reach.

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  • bmc streetfighter ? bottom of their range , but with loads of flair . selling last years of cheap , and well specced for price .
  • for another £99 you could have a 2008 cayo with ultegra this has a bit more flair
  • Don't know if anyone is interested, but I finally got a Giant Defy 2 at the weekend, after a 3 week wait, from my LBS. In terms of aesthetics, I would say the Defy looks far better in reality than it does in photos (although it was the fit/size that really swayed me).

    Very pleased with it after a couple of quick rides over the weekend: it's light (compared to MTB), quick to accelerate and beautifully smooth. Totally different riding experience compare to a mountain bike on the road; the balance and feel is very different, more akin to skating over the surface of the road rather than ploughing through it on a MTB...if that makes sense. I'm going to get used to it for a couple of weeks before fitting my clipless pedals. Sod's law the next few weekends will be frosty and slippy!!

    Just one question - do most roadies carry pumps with them or one of the CO2 inflators...or just a mobile?!
  • Just one question - do most roadies carry pumps with them or one of the CO2 inflators...or just a mobile?!

    I carry a pump, a spare tube and a multitool. I also have a polythene bag poked up the seatpost which contains some glueless patches, a tyre boot, a couple of spare spokes and nipples, a spare brake inner cable, spare chain link and pins and a couple of heavy-duty cable ties.[/quote]
  • Hi EssexSuffolk,,

    thinking about buying the Giant Defy 2 as my first road bike, I like yourself have been riding a MTB. What are your thoughts about the Defy 2 now that you have had it for over 1 month? There are no reviews at all on this bike unfortunately.

  • I looked at the Defy 2.5 over the weekend, personally I was really disappointed by what it looked like in the flesh, sort of cheap and clunky, and it also felt very heavy, not much lighter than my mountain bike.

    So, personally, I wouldn't buy one, but obviously a lot of it is just down to personal taste....
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  • The Defy 2 is tested in one of this months mags ,(could have been Triathlon 220),against the Spesh Allez Sport and it comes out on top.The review was very favourable,9/10 and reckoned it was the best bike in its price category.
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  • I'm very pleased with it after having been out on some +2hour rides now. Far more comfortable over the rough rural roads around here than I expected (although as its my first road bike, I don't have anything to compare it too besides MTB). The wheels have remained true so far (as far as I can tell) and the tiagra gearing is working smoothly (although does now need some adjustment now the cables have stretched a little - as expected).

    Fitting some clipless pedals has made a big difference to how it rides; highly recommended.

    If I was buying again, with the same budget, I'd make the same choice. Fit, I think, is one of the most important things - so make sure you test ride and get the right size.

    Don't know what else to say - any questions, just ask!
  • rally200rally200 Posts: 646
    the Defy sure looks a nice bike.

    HAve you attempted the climb up Mount Bures yet?
  • Mount Danbury yes, but I don't know Bures. It was an easier climb than on my MTB.
  • Went in to try the Defy 2 at local bike shop but didn't get around to it because was wet outside so waiting for a dry day.
    For £30 less they are selling the Giant SCR 1 (last years model). guy at the shop said the spec was slightly better on the SCR.
    Any recommendations from this forum on which to get assuming both feel thesame when I test ride them?
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    spec is better on the SCR1
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