What’s on your trainer?

Jabster101 Posts: 64
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Now we’re in winter, I have my summer (carbon fibre) bike on trainer, and use my winter/training bike for ..er..winter/training/commute.

But I have read that you shouldn’t put good bike on a trainer, because it causes too much stress. Is this true? What do other folk do?

Hoping my good bike is fine on the trainer, because not ideal loading filthy commute hack on and off (and changing tyre/wheel). Unless of course I need another separate bike just for the trainer. Which will delight Mrs Jabster101.


  • My Madone 6.5 is on my trainer, with a Conti trainer tyre instead of the usual road one. Fine IMO to put a good bike on there!
  • Whats on my trainer? Dust
    I try to go out whatever the weather, mostly on the MTB & in the woods if its wet & windy