Cube Aerial 2008 or a Ribble bike?

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hey guys,

I'm investing in a new bike soon and was wondering which you'd think would be better value out of the Cube Aerial 2008 for £465: ... elID=23689

Or a Ribble ( bike (with the 7005 road frame) with basic stuff but a tiagra groupset (basically specced to cost about £465)

Also is there any other suggestions? I've got a budget of about £600, maybe stretching for a really special offer or bargain.



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    Planet X clubman at a stretch?? Ribble looks good to me though.
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    The Cube Aerial got a very good review in C+ last year, in a sub £700 road bike test.

    Wanted to get one myself but they weren't in stock at the time. Got a Giant SCR2 in the end which is good. You could also look at the Specialised Allez Sport.
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    Dear I say the Boardman comp from Halfords which got best budget bike of the year in C+ and you can always get your local LBS to build it for you and as the 09 bikes are coming out, you should be able to get a good deal on one now :wink:
  • Thanks for the replies!

    The planet X Clubman is a bit of a stretch but looks nice. Also I've found Fuji road bikes on ebay for pretty cheap, are they any good? I've always quite liked their mountain bikes.

    One more thing, is it likely that the Trek 1.7 will come down in price soon with the 09 models coming out? I really like them but they're about £800 at the mo.

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