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I have finally got round to digging the bike out the back of the garage, Raleigh Royal its about 10 year old, has a set of nearly new spd 545 pedals. now I need some new cleats to go with the new shoes, the original paperwork tells me I need SH50 cleats. Been to the LBS, evens, who tell me I need SH52 cleats
Is this correct, are they compatible.

Also looking at a replacement bike, no rush, I am 50 105kg and getting back to two wheels now my job allows me to cycle into work. so I am getting the feel of it again.
Looking to do Audax with my son , tried a couple of his mates modern bikes and come to the conclusion need a carbon fork to reduce the vibes, and its recommended I get a triple, not a compact ? and space for mudguards
Whats the recommendations up to £900 budget, and importantly which dealers in the Leeds (west Yorks ) and surrounding area are worth dealing with.
I have even been tempted with used but I can't work metric sizing out etc. 5 10 high
31 inch inside leg

Thanks for any guidance


  • I would look firstly at something like the Specialized Tricross (http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/rangeViewer ... egoryID=46).
    I used to sell Specialized bikes and I love these. I am saving up to get one. They are popular with commuters and tourers as well as those who like to venture off-piste.
    As you can see from the link above, they come to £750 and you can no doubt find a second hand or 08 example for a lot less. They take mudguards and rack, and have a high front end so you'll be comfortable. They also have a triple chainset.
    A triple will have 3 chainrings at the front, (usually 50, 39 and 30 teeth) a standard chainset has two (53 and 39 teeth). Compact will also have only two, but they are smaller (usually 50 and 34 teeth).
    As you are 5 10, I'd go for 54cm size, but you need to check to be sure.
    Dealerwise I can't help, but hope the rest helps.
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  • For what it's worth, I am 44 and 95kg. I got plenty of help and advice from bike shops around Staffs and Cheshire including Evans in Manchester who were very helpful. Suggest you try Evans out at Xscape over at Castleford and definitely have a run out to Chevin Cycles at Otley. I have bought from them before and they have always been helpful and friendly. Was going to try and get a reduced Cannondale Synapse 2008 model but they didn't have my frame size. Only thing I found was that they seemed to have more Hybrid/Mountain bikes than Road.

    I eventually opted for Specialized Roubaix Elite but the Allez is also very popular. Like the Cannondale synapse or the Bianchi c2c it is more of a comfort ride and for a big lanky Yorkshireman I have so far found it a pleasure to ride. The 2009 model will set you back over a grand though. Depending on your frame size you may be able to pick up a bargain 2008 model.

    After much deliberation and considering that I am not particularly fit I opted for a compact 50/34 front and 12/27 rear on the Spesh. So far so good. Haven't tackled anything "alpine" yet but am loving the simplicity! :) Not sure whether your SPD's are compatible but I was recommended them by a friend with some MTB shoes and they do the trick just fine - very comfy for what it's worth.

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  • Sorry. Should mention that these bikes sre not suitable for mudguards so prob not great for winter. My other bike is a Trek 7200 hybrid and I found this great for all round leisure cycling but wouldn't do Audax or Sportives obviously.
    Every Hill is a monster climb!
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    Thanks for the pointers,
    now sorted with cleats
    going to have a look and possible test ride of some of the suggested bikes
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    regarding the bikes shops.
    If your going to Castleford would suggest bypass Evans and go to Kendal cycles in CAS,
    as for Chevin was once having a nosey at the posh bikes and heard them charge a young lad £10 to fit the cycle computer he had just bought ( robbing bxxtxxds ).
    some other good shops would be cyclesense at tadcaster, bob Jackson's Leeds, woodrups can be cliquey, Edinburgh cycles have plenty of bikes to test and are helpful.
    this is just my opinion others may have different views.
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    Thanks for that, looked at Evans at the weekend, but they seemed unhelpful to a guy spending £1800, so there already crossed off the list.
    Where in cass are Kendal cycles ?
    Cyclesense at Taddy were helpful, booked a test ride on a giant something or other at the weekend if its not wet.
    not sure what to make of chevin when I called in a couple of weeks ago having a touchy feely in there, yet nobody spoke to me, reckon I could have walked out with a bike
    Bob Jackson--- that name goes back a long way, I remember drooling at the bikes in the shop window when they were based in harehills when I was a kid
  • Wheelspin Cycles, Huddersfield are helpful (stock Scott and Orange bikes amongst others). Carries a fair amount of bike stock.
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    Pardon my spelling kendells are at 1 middle oxford street .
    closed Wednesdays

    for contact info & directions but needs an update.

    see curly Daz, Gary ,Tracey or the young lad . Spending £1800 should get you a free
    pot of tea in the back and membership of Featherstone road club.