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Hi, ive been reading up on some of the topics about buying shoes and pedals, at the moment im just using the conventional pedals with the foot straps on them.
Im looking to buy some shoes and pedals at a reasonable price, but i just dont understand about wot pedals go with which shoes etc, and all the float cleats?
some help on htis subject will be very much appreciated


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    Do you want to be able to walk in the shoes ? around streets etc.
    if yes then go for Shimano double sided spd pedals and to be honest you won't go far wrong with their trainer type shoes either.
    If you don't want to be able to walk in them then make sure the shoe is as rigid as possible , I use Shimano Carbon shoes with Shimano road pedals but I've no experience of other brands . These are not as easy to clip into as the double sided spds if you have to stop on a steep hill and restart.
    It's quite an investment so think first of what sort of riding you do.

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  • well, i never stop on my rides, unless i cycle to work but then im stopping right outside the door so i dnt need to walk then to be honest, ive been looking at the pedals and shoes i just dnt understand all the fitments and wot the diffrence is etc, but ill have a look at those u recommended thanx.
  • Most road shoes seem to have mostly one fitment these days - the 3-bolt Look/Shimano ones. TBH they're all much of a muchness. I like my Look Keos but I also use Shimanos.
    Differences are usually within range - more expensive = lighter, better seals/springs etc. But no need to spend a small fortune. A pair of Keo sprints or Ultegra spds would be very good.
  • ... 360031037/
    These are examples of double sided pedals. These take a smaller cleat and are used with mountain bike shoes. With these shoes you can walk around okay. ... 360031351/
    These are examples of road pedals. They are not as easy to engage/disengage and the three bolt cleat needs a road shoe. They are hard to walk in, you more waddle like a duck than walk, but on the bike they work better as the sole is generally stiffer.

    Bear in mind these are only examples. If you have bad knees, then you may want different pedals. Also you can sometimes a get a good deal if you buy pedal/shoe combo...
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