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by accident i came across the cube web site and i liked what i saw.The cube agree pro really caught my eye then i found out chain reactions sold them.The price of the bikes surprised me.Is this too good to be true does the bike fall apart after 1 year if anyone has one i would love to hear your views on them.The frame components even the colours of the bikes looks first class.I have giant scr2 good bike ,yes but i would like a lighter faster bike and funds are a little tight well very tight.Well i hope that i can get some replies any would be greatly appreciated :oops:


  • N4PALM
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    They do look quite agreeable really.. Except for the fact the all seem to be triples, which I guess is great if u want that.

    I was going to get a Cube but then I discovered Focus.
  • thanks for reply must queck out focus
  • matt581
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    Hi Horizon

    I brought a cube Ariel about a month ago. It’s only an entry level bike and my first road bike but I’ve been really happy with it so far. I think cube are definitely worth a look. I think they look pretty smart as well

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    got the Peloton, back in May, good bike
  • simon_e
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    Someone I know bought the Agree GTC compact, mainly Ultegra groupset, he loves it.
    Aspire not to have more, but to be more.
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    Cube Aerial looks good, similar spec to the SCR2 but lighter and probably some better parts.
    Very good review in C+ last year.
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    One other way of doing it Horizon, could be a frame upgrade?? - sounds messy, but your LBS will swap your New one in and everything back together for around £40 quid - I had mine done recently, and the LBS did a perfect job - the bike's like new.

    So rather than spending £1000 - £1300 on a new bike you could get a new lightweight Carbon frame/forks for £450 - £650 quid - always money left over for some nice wheels? - you could always sell your SCR 2 frame/forks on Ebay (£140-£170)

    All just ideas/options really, but migth be worth considering if you don't want to go for a £1000 - £1300 new bike or whatever.

    On the Cube range - seem to have some good bikes, nice details, look great, they'll go from strength to strength.
  • thanks for the replies everyone,nice to know that cube bikes are as good as i thought they might be.I really appreciate everyones reply once again thanks very much. :D
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    All the german riders in Mallorca seem to ride Cube bikes. I think they may be supplied by the hire shops, there are that many of them so I suppose they must have a good rep.