Any Genesis bike owners out there?

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Thinking of buying the Genesis 03 with flat bars (mainly for my commute). I don't know anyone who has one and wondered what the experts on this forum thought of it.


  • shaw8670
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    Looks like a good bike. I have a Genesis Atitude 2.0. Thsi is steel and has a classic timelss look and I am delighted with all aspects of it's performance. The big makes (Trek, Scott etc) don't seem as good value and seem to go out of fashion quickly.
    Greetings from the wet and windy North west
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    Get one soon if that is what you want because it looks as if the Day 03 and 02 are disappearing in the 2009 range. I couldn't find either on the Genesis stand at the cycle show last week so asked one of the assistants, who said that they would no longer be marketed.

    I was told there will be a Day 01 , which was there but looking very different (fixie?). It was claimed that the Ridgeback range will now have the Day 02/3 equivalents, and one was shown to me but it looked far from equivalent to the current range. A rather average flatbar with disc brakes, and far from a "good road bike with flatbar" that the Day 02/3s currently provide.

    I mentioned that I nearly bought one earlier this year (I eventually had a LBS build to an equivalent spec) and that what I liked about the 2008 Day 03 was that it had rack mounts but the assistant seemed to imply that it didn't and the ads were wrong, so check the actual bike for these, not the adverts.

  • I've had two Day 03 bikes. The first got stolen (took them 5 mins to get through two locks) but I liked it enough to replace it with exactly the same thing. Good bike for commuting IMHO. I've got bar ends fitted and changed the grips to soak up some vibrations. Done 6000 miles on my current one and its going strong.
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    Hi Bagman

    I've got a 2006 Day 02 which I find great for a 26-mile round trip commute.

    I also found the standard grips weren't great & quickly changed these, but apart from that
    & pedals I've left everything alone until replacing tyres when worn out.

    Original pedals were very basic & I changed them for Shimano SPD's.

    2 years on , still looks in gerat condition.

  • I've got a 2008 Day 01 for commuting (and everything else until I get the money together for something shiny and made of carbon). It's a great bike, no mechanical problems so far (touch wood). Very comfortable to ride over a 20 mile round trip commute, I did London to Oxford on it as well and was a bit sore at the end but that might have been lack of training or the torrential rain that day. I've changed the pedals to SPDs and seriously considered changing the grips as they're pretty horrible but got some decent gloves instead.
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    Thanks for the helpful comments. I am about to order and will look to change the grips if they are not up to it. I have OURY grips on the MTB which are pretty good.