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Looking at the cost of '09 bikes I'm seriously considering buying my second road bike.
I need something comfortable for long-ish rides that will be faster but not much more racier (on my neck) than my Sequoia Elite.

My options are:
1. '08 Felt Z35
2. '08 Specialized Roubaix Comp
3. '08 Specialized Roubaix Pro
4. No new bike but upgrade to Ultegra SL groupset from ebay and Kyserium Elite or Easton EA90SL wheels.

Can anyone offer advice on the following:
Is the Felt as good as the Comp, and is the Comp still quite quick despite skinny-ish tubing
Is the Pro good value at £2000 - (I doubt I'd dare ride it at that price, but with Dura-Ace it would not need upgrading!)
If I opted for the cheaper Spesh or the Felt would it be worth upgrading wheels with money saved.
Should I stop dreaming, admit I'm a very average cyclist and tart the Alu bike up.

Would be interested in any opinions!


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    Wow ! So many questions !!
    It looks like you want a new bike that feels / looks racier but still with a more upright / comfy geometry.
    1, Forget about upgrading your current bike.
    2, The Spesh Roubaix looks like it would do what you want. If you want to upgrade the wheels and keep it quick and comfy then get some handbuilt wheels ie, open pro / ultegra.
    3, How about Titanium, Enigma / Sunday / Van Nicholas, comfy, racy, fantastic looking bikes and a bit different. I went from a Trek Pilot to a VN Euros, built it up to suit me (not too racy and very comfy) with handbuilt wheels, fantastic :D

    Look at the (anyone recommend a VN thread)
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  • topdude. you are posting at 0825. If only we all had the same commitment ;)

    For the same one you could have a cannondale caad 9 with ultegra. ITS SO GOD GAMM BEAUTIFUL

    just a thought
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    I think my personal route would be option 4 - quality wheels could be kept for dry and alternated with originals and you would also learn a great deal about your bike as you upgraded it

    edit : haven't you asked all this BEFORE
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  • Yes well spotted Feel, I've asked advice about upgrading, but have since begun to become seduced by the idea of a new bike, whilst keeping the old one for daily commutes. Thanks for the advice all the same.

    One problem I do have with Specialized compact frames is that for my height and inside leg the 56 is at the verge of being too small, although not so much as to require component changes, whilst the 58 is slightly big. By the time I decide whether to opt for a 58 with a shorter stem, or the 56 with the seat further back and a slightly lower drop, the bargains will probably have dried up anyway.

    Have fun all.
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    Do not consider moving the seat back to fit a 56. You should set the saddle height and set back before you decide on how much reach you want. Anyway raising the saddle 2cm on a 56 will put it in the same position as on a 58.
  • 56cm and a longer stem than the standard item. I ride a 56cm Spech, have my seat up in the clouds, but with a 100mm stem, it's perfect for me. Long legs, short body.

    p.s. +1 on the Sunday Bikes....
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    p.s. +1 on the Sunday Bikes....

    keep up at the back - it's Sabbath Bicycles now :wink:
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    See, they return, and bring us with them.
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    One of the performance fit trek madones sounds right up your street my friend...
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    i considered a number of bikes at the lower end of your price range with the same thoughts about neck strain. Eventually bought an Orbea Onix and i'm loving it. It's miles quicker than the Scott hybrid i was riding before and almost as comfortable over a distance. Also, according to my LBS, the frame is good enough to justify upgrading various components in the future when my budget/wife will allow!
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    you could always get one of these
    i hate hills (cos i'm fat)
  • Thank you all for your advice. I opted for a Felt Z35 , which I obtained at a very good price. I figured I could by some new wheels with the money saved. I also have a winter trainer in the form of the Sequoia now too!