clubs near or in Southampton?

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I am a very inexperienced road cyclist. I have 550 miles in my legs on the new bike and commute to work once or twice a week (12 miles).

I average 15 - 15.5mph (I'm a girl, if that's a good excuse!), and I can cope with the odd hill here and there.

Would I cope with club runs? And have any of you any experience of them in my area? The only person I have to ride with at the moment is my husband who is 6' and much faster than me, so I'd like to get some experience with other people

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    Fareham wheelers. Look at our web site. Begginers rides first sat of every month (very slow) run by Nige Marris. I take Improvers rides on the other 3 sats 25-30 miles over more challengin terrain witrh coffee break at the end. Theres one this sat leaving from Botley square at 0900, you would both be very welcome (show your interest by posting on the relevant forum thread on our site and look out for me - Gav when you get there). We have just had 2 other female riders join us fairly recently too - so dont be intimidated! Plus 2 lengths of Sunday club run 0900 from Wickham square. Shorter rde about 35 miles lomger 55-60 miles. Additionally some of us do winter race training on mountbatten track, time trials thursday eves in summer and plenty more besides such as tues night MTB rides all year round. Look here -
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    Thanks for that. I'm away this weekend but will look you up and pop along sometime
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  • Thanks for that Brownbosh - I am just outside Southampton and doing the usual 'am I quick enough to join a club' wobbling about, so two points of encouragement from your post are the Beginners rides and the Botley starting point - literally a couple of miles away from me. Am not the youngest of riders, but did a 92-mile run in the summer (wish now I had doen the extra 8-miles, but ah well..)

    Bottom bracket of bike making expensive noises right now so need to get that sorted, but would be keen to have a run. Have very little experience of riding with other people - any etiquette or things a newbie would need to know - mudguards reqd this time of year for example? Any other requirements?
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    I met a couple of the Fareham wheelers whilst in Lourdes for the Etape this year. Good blokes, so I would imagine it would be a real friendly club.
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    We try to be!!
    Mud guards not compulsory but liked by the old guard! (im not one of the old guard!!!)
    Exact location of Saturday runs changes so see the forum! Please come allomg. If youre coming this saturday add to the thread so i know to expect you. You should be able to keep up with me im enormous and go single speed on saturdays! Try a sat improvers run and if its well within you havea crack at the sunday! Plus monday night club meets at walllington village hall (bear new sainsburys) fareham. :? Only requirement for saturdays is a sense of humour and a couple of quid for a tea after the riding is done!
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    There are normally 3 groups of varying pace, but you'll definitely be fast enough for one of them, and no one ever gets dropped.

    Sunday Club runs meet by the Baddesley Arms in North North Baddesley (just north of Southampton), at 9:00 in the summer, and 9:30 from November though the winter.

    They're a very friendly bunch.