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Padded Shorts among other things.

RobinioRobinio Posts: 59
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Have started using my bike alot more than I used to and have already wore out my Altura Shorts already. I am therefore looking to get some to use throughout the winter for daily use. I am looking for some that are padded. What would be recommended?

I'm also looking for some lightweight gloves to use on dry days.

And last but not least I am after some bike cleaner. I have heard about Muc Off but am a bit unsure of how good it actually is.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


  • First the shorts.I`ve tried lots,but I have to say,my Pearl Izumi shorts are the best.
    For gloves,if you want lightweight gloves,Specialized Ridge gloves are good.Look at Endura Dexters if you need a bit more warmth without sacrificing bar feel.

    Bike cleaners are all much of a muchness.Get muc off if you like,but car shampoo works just aswell.More important is the use of hot water and elbow grease.
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  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    I like my Endura CoolMax Boxers. Had 2 pairs for 3 years and both still good.

    I wear them under shorts, trousers or -ahem- tights :oops:

    I like the fit of Fox gloves. Currently have Sidewinders. Hated my 661s that I had for a very short time.

    Muc-off for oily bits only. Washing up liquid in a bucket of hot water for the rest. Rinsed off by hose.
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