You give me eggroll, me love you longtime....

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Me fart like trooper on way into work too...

Anyone else have a favourite cycling food or meal that makes them break wind whilst cycling?

For me:

Omelette = wind
Banana = stamina
Water = staying alive
Flapjack = Sugar rush

Generally, I don't have brekkie - just a coffee (skinny latte) when I get into the office. Tuna salad for lunch and an organic yoghurt, banana and apple at about 4pm. Then a homemade meal at about 8pm (after rowing, dog walking and cleaning the house up) - usually something that has been in the oven all day on a low heat (like lamb tagine or something veggie)


  • OK here's my list
    Red Chilli = wind +
    Sichuan Pepper = wind ++
    Apple Juice (cheap supermarket brand) = Sugar rush
    Rice balls = Energy boost

    By the way gtvlusso, what temperature do you have the oven at for cooking the lamb tagine?
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    Is it just me, or is anyone else unable to fart whilst pedalling?
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    Around 100 for about 7 hours....does a lamb shoulder nicely in a cassarole pot.
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    _Brun_ wrote:
    Is it just me, or is anyone else unable to fart whilst pedalling?

    if you stand on the pedals whilst farting you get a great tympanic response from your arse.

    people around can hear your cadence as you pass (and admire your odour when you've gone)
    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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  • I tend to fart when eating my roast chicken and bacon with mayo rolls. Great cycliing food, and if I do need to let go i always go to the front.
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    Methane has a global warming effect about 25 times that of Carbon perhaps the windy cycling commuters should not be so smug about their green credentials!