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Thinking of getting a fixed wheel bike for training etc. I'm after something cheap. I read the post on the Giant Bowery but I don't want to get it as another guy in my club has ordered one!! Nobody mentioned the Kona. I will be ordering on line so I won't be able to test ride it. Any experiences?


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    Expensive for what it is ??????? £450 ......................... But .............

    Kona bikes always ride exceptionally well !!!!!!!!!!!
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    I got mine about 2 years ago through the Bike2work scheme so the total cost was about half that figure. It's not a light bike but it's not sluggish either. Really comfortable, takes mudguards. I use it for an 8 mile each way commute and also for weekend rides - I've taken it on a number of longer rides up hill and down dale. I'd like to have bought a Pearson Touche but I had to go through Evans.
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    The Paddy Wagon is a fair bit heavier than the Bowery. I know a guy who swapped his Paddy Wagon for a Langster (I have briefly test ridden both of his bikes myself) and reckons the Langster is a much better, nippier bike; I would tend to concur.

    At the end of the day the Langster is the lightest bike you are going to get at that price point and probably a fair bit above and suffers a bit by being a victim of its own popularity. At the end of the day it is a very good bike for the money.

    I have a Bowery myself as it was the cheapest I could get my hands on (£225.) Rides great although I am thinking of something lighter (possibly a Langster) for my fixie assault on the Wicklow 200 next year (have done most of the climbs on it fixed already.)
  • paddy wagons look quite nice its just the name i dont like, it suggests they are irish and subsequently i bit stupid.
  • "irish and subsequently i bit stupid"

    I'm only looking for sensible replys from people with a brain bigger than a pea.
  • are you trying to make yourself look clever?
    rossgalway wrote:
    "irish and subsequently i bit stupid"

    I'm only looking for sensible replys from people with a brain bigger than a pea.
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    Now now lets keep it friendly,

    All of the above threads mention weight which is a key factor, rossgalway?

    but is weight an issue for you?

    is price more important? because if it is pick yourself up an 08 Bowery ?????
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    Don't really see how can compare Langster & Bowery with a Paddy Wagon. I think that the Kona takes bigger tyres and I assume 'grds and is thus in a different category (not "better", just "different").
    The Langster is a fine bike for the money. As is the Tricross. I have one of each, mainly because Spesh 54s just happen to fit me very well. But they are not directly comparable!
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  • Paddy Wagons are let down by the wheels... which are terrible...