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Retro Road bike vs. New

proper_braw_scotproper_braw_scot Posts: 44
edited October 2008 in Road beginners
Hi folks,

A few years ago my dad gave me his road bike, a Trek race series 370. It's a steel frame, 14 speed and rides well. Think it's from 1998 (only info I could find about it via google!). Went out on it a fair bit when I first got it but various things meant it's not seen much action for a year or so. Starting to get back into road cycling now though.

Just wondering how some of you reckon it might compare to todays road bikes. I'm skint at the moment but if I was to start saving for a new bike what sort of money would I be looking at to see a noticable improvement? Would something like the Specialized Allez Elite or Trek 1.7 (£700-800-odd) be the sort of right entry point to look at?

Of course I don't "need" a new bike as of yet but you know it how goes! Nice to look around and all that.

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