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Cyclocross - training routes/tips

100%100% Posts: 236
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I'm trying to get into cyclocross. Only just starting out and I'm looking for some advice on any good places to train in the Winchester area?

Any other training tips greatfully received!



  • jojo90jojo90 Posts: 178
    South Downs way and some hardcore interval training :)

    I ride a cx bike but never raced. Parts of the South Downs way are grassy, others muddy, others rooty, others open grass fields. Interval training seems the right thing to do for overall fitness.
  • 100%100% Posts: 236
    Interesting idea - have you ridden your cross bike along the SDW then?

    I've ridden my XC bike along it - there are some descents that I really wouldn't fancy without some suspension/disc brakes but it must be doable...

    I'm trying quite a bit of sprinting in wet long grass in the evenings up a slope, so hopefully that's helping. I know I'm going to be right at the back in a race but I think the key thing is not quitting and improving little by little.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • I used to ride around the breacon beacons sans suspention or discs on, a cross bike isn't so differant to a older mtb. Ride light and chose your lines well, be fine, if some what rattled around.
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