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I had an accident with a mini cab people carrier last week. The driver did stop and I have his details and also a witness in the car behind him. He did offer to pay for the damage but having got a price for the repairs to the bike he has decided to go through the insurance.

Any advice on what I should do. Do I deal with the insurance company myself or should I get someone to deal with the Insurance company on my behalf. If the second option any recommendations. Any advice would be welcome as I have no experiance of this type of thing before.


  • Hi Bear, I hope you are OK after the incident.

    Not had to do this myself (yet - where's the 'touch wood' emoticon?), but from what I have read on this forum, the concensus seems to be to get representation (as the insurance co. will be represented and they will no doubt try to minimise their liability - a proper solicitor will know how to deal with them). Also, keep tabs and receipts for everything arising from the incident, such as additional travel costs and medical visits. Pictures (scene, bike, ...) may also help (even if the driver has admitted liability, the insurers may try to argue that you share liability for any reason they can find). Representation wil hopefullyl also provide you with some impartial advide - not emotially involved in what is going on - and should be less likely to get put off by an insurance company's tactics.

    Where to find representation? Well, apparently the solicitors who are used by those with CTC membership have a certain amount of expertise in pursuing cycle related claims. Might be worth approaching them and getting a consultation and see if they will work on it - watch that any fees would be included in your claim, though; and if this were to go to court (which on the info you have supplied seems unlikely) watch your liability for the other party's costs.

    Hopefully someone with some more experience will be along to mention solicitor names/experiences/contacts soon. Try a forum search on solicitor?

    Stuart (not a lawyer - and not called Greg)