Silk Road Pro?

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After starting back on bikes 18 months ago I've become totally hooked. Commute to work everyday, try to get every other weekend for 50-60 miles or so and done a couple of reasonable tours. Currently got Jake the Snake cyclo cross but now looking to make big investment in a bike, principally for sportives, a bit of racing poss triathlo and have had my eye caught by Trek Madone 5.2 and specialised tarmac, however lately Sunday/Sabbath Silk Road Pro is really starting to appeal. Anyone any experience of titanium or Silk Road Pro. Been told the frames last and can be rode in all weathers which really appeals and like the idea of smooth ride but I don't really know if I have to lose out in other ares to carbon frames due to this.. Any help greatly appreciated.


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    All materials have their positives and negatives, but generally a Ti frame can be a 'bike for life' if you want it to (and don't bend it!).

    My first question would be why the Pro and not just the Silk Road? The Pro has quite race-orientated geometry (short head tube so quite low at the front) whereas the Silk Road might be better suited to a more all-round bike.

    Or you could buy my Ti frame?! 56cm any good for you?! :roll: :lol:
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    Sunday bikes are very highly regarded and the reviews I've seen have been favourable.

    You might also like to take a look at Enigma. For me, they were the highlight of Cycle Show. The Elite looked absolutely stunning. If I was in the market for a new best bike, there wouldn't even be a contest.

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    I looked at Sunday, Enigma, and Van Nicholas, but plumped for the Enigma Etape. Frame should be arriving this week, all the bits came last week so will build up Friday night/Saturday and hopefully give it a spin out on Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I can't fault Enigma's serivce so far.
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  • i have a silk road pro, and I'd highly recommend it. great bike, comfortable over long distances but still has the necessary to race on.

    give greg a call at sunday, top bloke and will give you good advice.

    bottom line for me is that if I had to make the choice again, i'd pay it.
  • I have a Trek madone 5.2, I think it is a fantastic bike, light weight, nice and relaxed and more capable of mile eating compared to my Aluminium road bike.

    If I were to buy another bike/frame it would be Titanium, most likely from Sunday.

    I worked at the same shop that Iain Roche ended up working in, both him and Greg raced for the shop team. My experience of them and knowing now about what they do would have made me go to them first. I look forward to buying my first Ti bike from them.

    Check out the Roche Brothers first and foremost!!!!!!!
  • I had a test ride on a Silk Road on Monday. Lovely ride and top people. 99% certain to buy, just ironing out some details.