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Clamping child seat to Alu frame

pilsburypiepilsburypie Posts: 891
edited October 2008 in Family & kids cycling forum
Hi all

In between my days of proper riding, me and the misses fancy taking the little one (18 months) up the park for a tranquil cycle on the back of my bike on one of those child bike seats.

It basically comprises of a bracket thing that clamps on the upright of the frame into which the seat then slots in..... ... 002384.jpg

Just wondering if this is a good idea as I have often heared not to clamp anything onto aluminium frames. I suppose they are more prone to crushing than their steel buddies...

What you lot think? Any way of getting round this?


  • Big Red SBig Red S Posts: 26,890
    I've seen sold (well, fitted) loads of those to ali frames, not heard of a failure caused by it.
  • vurtedvurted Posts: 15
    Our little ones have loved our seats on the cross bar, but I'm not sure 18 months is old enough. Ours havn't generally been safe enough on them until about 2.5 years.
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