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We've got 2 Raleigh "Chuckles the Monkey" bikes, bought from JE James over the net

Thought that as they convert from 'like a bike' no pedals to proper bike, they'd be fine

Anyhoo, didn't bother with like a bike stage, so went straight to pedals, but kids struggled with them, assumed 'cos they weren't used to pedalling

Took kids to Halfrauds to get helmets (we're off to Center Parcs and they're in the trailer behind daddy there!!!) and they tried some bikes...which they whizzed around on like loons checked out the Raleigh's at home, both had stiff BBs. Stripped them down and found 'grease' like tar, which I stripped out and replaced with teflon stuff, ditto rear wheel bearings, much better

Kids now whizzing but am so time I'll go to LBS so if there's a problem, THEY can fix it

It's just a hill. Get over it.
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