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New Freeride Brakes

David LundDavid Lund Posts: 602
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Right, its time for some new brakes for my Bullit as iv finaly decided to get rid of the troublesome HFX-9s.
I mainly ride all mountain and freeride with a bit of light downhill, mainly Trail Center Black routes. i want some brakes which are reliable as i often ride at Dalby which can get incredibly muddy and gritty.
I do have a budget at the moment of up to £90 per brake, no more, so these are the ones iv been looking at:

Shimano Saint 08 ... delID=7907

Jucy 5 ... elID=22186

Elixir R ... elID=29728

K18 ... elID=18986

Any help or experience would be great.


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