Garmin Edge 705 V Polar CS400-600

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I currently own a Polar CS200 but want something that will give me more data and have better sofware. I ride my bike for fitness and interested in monitoring my progress.

Im looking at buying one of the above. Im not interested in the maps/routing of the Garmin just its abilities to record ride data profiles etc.

I've had a few problems with my CS200. It seems to malfuction quite easily and sometimes locks up or stops recording some element of data, be it heart rate, cadence or speed. The 400 has also been given some bad reviews for unreliabilty.

I really fancy the Garmin, I like the fact that it has usb connectivity, but will it give as accurate data as the polar? It doesnt seem to have so many user specific setting such as VO2 max, sit heart rate , fittness test etc and activity level, all of which I assume are used to work out calorie burn. It does of course have GPS.

The 400 would be the easy choice as I could use the existing sensores on my bike. Is it worth spending the extra money for the 600?

I'd welcome any advice as I just cant decide.
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