Stem adjustment

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got a giant scr 3, the stem on it is tilted upwards slightly just want to turn it over so its flat.
Can someone tell me if this is easily do able.


  • Should be, especially if you can borrow a second set of hands!

    Undo the allen screws holding the handlebars in place in the stem, asking your assistant to hold the loose handlebars, screws and stem front plate.

    Undo the allen screw holding the thin cap above the stem and pass both to your assistant.

    Loosen the allen screws a little on the side on the stem (make mental note of how much you loosen them) and then simply slide the stem off and flip it.

    Re-tighten and away you go! The flip will mean that you have to bend your back more, as the handlebars will now be lower and slightly further away.
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    Expanding slightly on NO's post.

    Once you have flipped the stem but before re-tightening the stem blots replace the bolt and cap on top of the stem. This needs to be tight enough so there is no play in the forks but not so tight the bearings are compressed making the forks difficult to turn.

    Then tighten the stem bolts / replace bars.

    It sounds a bit complicated but takes about 5 miutes even without an assistant.