first road shoes

andy610 Posts: 602
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anyone recommend some comfortable shimano road shoes at the moment ive been using shimano mtb mt20 shoes they are very comfortable, but wont fit with my shimano 105 5600 road pedals


  • Andy140
    Andy140 Posts: 130
    Hi, specialized sport road shoes are good start - been using them for just over a year without any problems, as my first pair of road shoes
  • paul_or
    paul_or Posts: 156
    I use Specialized BG Road shoes, available for around £60, they fit 2 or 3 hole cleat mountings, and I find then superb for fit, but the sizes bear no relation to your normal shoe size so try some on!
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  • fast as fupp
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    sidi genius they caress my feet!

    shimano too narrow and hurt!!!
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  • hopper1
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    I've just purchased some Shimano M131's to go with my 105 SPD-SL's....Very comfortable while riding.
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  • hamstrich
    hamstrich Posts: 112
    I got some dhb R1 shoes from wiggle and they're brilliant (and fantastic value too - I managed to get them for less than 40 quid) but they might feel a bit narrow if you have broad feet.