Isle of Wight 2009?

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I've cycled round once. It was lovely, a grand day out. Maybe I could propose a spring or summer outing there 2009? It's do-able in a day, there's a great pub halfway round and if you've never been it's just like Postman Pat land.

The quick ones could go one way round (into the headwinds). The more leisurely ones the other way (that'll be me then)
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    I've been wanting to do this for a while, but over a weekend allowing a more relaxed ride for photo's etc. as well.
    Any recommendations for cheap sleep over spot around Niton/ Ventnor area.
    Cycle friendly! i.e. safe lock up.
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    you really would be spinning it out over two days....

    It's around 65 miles. Total ride time last time under 6 hours (although there are doubtless some chest puffers on here who could do it in an hour :wink: )
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  • great fun on the island. mountain biking is good if you ever have the need the need to get dirty.

    road is good fun mind you. a few big hills around ventnor though, had a few peeps shouting nasty things at me me when they saw the hill we were about to hit.

    the local brew on the island is a little tasty, i have the seen the art horizontal cycling perfected after a swift pint (lasted 4 hours).

    have fun
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    I've only been there once, but it was lovely and circumnavigating it seems like an absolutely perfect daily challenge.
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    Come and Join us in May (Sunday of the Bank Holiday Weekend) for the Annual Randonnee - a brilliant day out and well attended with about 1600 riders completing the round the Island Route.

    There is a good mixture with a large group of riders who frequent this and other forums.

    Details fo next year are not out yet but is the 25th Anniversary and will be here - join the mailing list for updates.
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    It is!

    I propose 6th June. Obviously I will send out a reminder after this thread has long died.....
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