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Dimondback xls

rugbyphilrugbyphil Posts: 18
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Has anybody got one of these?? Trying to find some info on it, and it seems to be a bit of a unknown.

Anybody got one. Good points, bad points. Tips? Weight?


  • Spider987Spider987 Posts: 189
    If your on about the 2008 one then we have one at work in stock.
    Ive been wanting to get a dual but ive never had a problem with GT so i havent looked at any others and when this one came in it took my fancy. However after looking at it i changed my mine.
    I know this sounds silly but mainly because of the quads. Im not a fan of them and just having a little ride round on it prooved my point of them being censored more. Fair enough they need to bed in but they still felt censored !
    aswell im not a fan of Truvativ as i find they are over priced. So the reason that i didnt get it was because id be changing to much stuff!

    However if you dont mind Truvativ and give the brakes more of a chance than i have ever given quad then you probs would like the bike.
    It has a nice weight to aswell i found.
    we have about £200 nocked off ours as theres a few scratches on it, so it seemed a bargin for the price!

    Best advice really is to go and have a look yourself at one.
    put your postcode in the link below and it will tell you your nearest stockist
    (Ofcourse give them a ring to make sure they have one in!)
  • Wow! That was more than I was expecting.
    Thank you very much.

    I must admit the one I have my eye on is the 2008 elite model which has XT brakes, although still the Truvativ chainset.

    Im just trying to find some where that has one so I can have a proper look. Your shops not on the south coast is it??
  • Spider987Spider987 Posts: 189
    Im afraid not were based up north.
    We also have the elite 08 in and that tbh is just so much more better, but more expensive obv. But i just like that one so much more.

    The best thing to do is ring u your local store, and ask them if they have one in, or if they could get one sale or return in. (Although they may charge you postage)
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