race or sportive?

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would the difference in geo' make a lot of difference to a beginner? i realise the sport is suppose to be more comfortable and absorbs the road more but for a beginner wishing to do lejog and other charity type rides am i really best getting a sportive bike? is the race bike so much more uncomfortable on loger rides? :?
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  • explosifpete
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    I would recomend a sportive bike if you over 50 or have back trouble otherwise get a race bike.
    The sport bike will be easyer to ride as the steering will be a bit lazyer but the rase bike will be faster and in my eyes thats what road bikes are for
  • sicrow
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    Unless you want a really low tight position ideally for racing then you should always look for comfort, go to a number of LBS's and get their views try a number of different models and get a feel for what you like in the price range you want only then will you know what's right for you, remember lejog/sportives will usually require you spending 6 hrs in a saddle
  • meagain
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    The clue is in the name. If you are going to RACE, then a RACING bike would be best. If not.....
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