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I've never used clipless pedals before so would appreciate a bit of advice on what shoes to use. I've just got a second-hand road bike with SPD pedals and I'm unsure whether I want to go for a proper road shoe or something I can walk around in a bit. I'll mainly be cycling for fitness but may race if things go well.

The three shoes I've considered are the dhb R1 road shoe, the dhb M1 off-road shoe (easier to walk in?) or the Shimano RT51 "touring" shoe. Is there a big difference in performance and walking ease with these different shoe types?



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    What pedals do you want to use? Normally road shoes will only take road cleats, and MTB shoes only MTB cleats.

    There's no problem in using MTB (eg SPD) pedals and shoes on a road bike - I do for commuting. However if going out properly on a ride I prefer the feel of road cleats and my super stiff road shoes (e.g. SPD-SL)
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    I went for the Shimano MO75 shoe with the A520 pedal as it allows me to walk into cafes etc perfectly well but gives me the benefits of clipless pedals/shoes. The A520 is a SPD 'touring' pedal, it has a wider cage to spread your foot's weight over the longer distances covered, when compared with the frequent unclipping etc of mountain biking.

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