New bike on the cards...

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Hmm, still waiting to see what happens with the police/driver that hit me scenario.. but I'm thinking of buying a bike anyway out of my own money.

I have seen a local shop is still going. Forgot this place existed - went in 10 years back when looking for a bike then and realised their cheapest bike at the time was a 700 quid mountain bike. :lol: At 21 that was a little out of my league :lol: The place is called GA Cycles, I think.

Found their website a little while back and it says they have Cyclocross bikes, etc. Have always fancied one of those myself. :P

Or should I just buy a cheap bike for the frame and put decent wheels, brakes, etc on..? :? :)


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    I know GA cycles it's just down the road from me. Or pop to Hargroves on the Millbrook bypass - they are nice in there
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  • Another good place to consider is D H Cycles in Woolston, on Obelisk road.
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    Didnt know there was a D H Cycles. I knew there was one opposite woolston school, but after having been given the rude treatment in there a few years back I never went back in. :lol: