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New disc brake advice

nicknicknicknick Posts: 535
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I need some brakes to replace the Avid juicy 3's and have no idea what's what anymore in the world of MTB components due to going to the dark side (sorry!) a couple of years ago. The 3's are pretty good in dry dusty weather but when i ride in bad weather like the weekend just gone at Coed Y Brenin, they just lack the instant power like my old Hope's used to which really fatigues your arms when you're not used to this type of riding!

I dont want to spend Hope money and have heard mixed opinions about XT brakes. What do you guys recommend? Are they Avid 7's much better? I want 160mm F&R too :)


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the 7's are basically the same brake.

    options. bigger discs, different pad material.

    Personally Formula Oro K24 brakes.
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