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Spare wheels- choice of 2 sets?

lvquestpaddlerlvquestpaddler Posts: 416
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
My trusty old GT was given a pair of Deore/XC717 wheels to replace the original M475's on it, and have been brilliant for my level in last 18 months. I have been using the old wheels with Conti 1.25" slicks on the road but the hubs are pretty shot(well , should I say the cones are, replaced the bearings 6 months ago still as rough as hell and no one online seems to sell kits- axle/cones/bearings), so with winter coming I thought another modest priced set of wheels for the road and shove the turbo trainer tyre on the M475 as it won't matter what state it degenerates into.

Merlin are doing these and there's only a tenner in it....

1/ Pair lx disc hubs - mavic 317 disc rims and 160mm rotors, s/s DB spokes- £89.95
(the hubs take splined rotors but they assure me they will work ok on M525 brakes)

2/Pair Deore disc - dt rims (4.2 XC)- dt black spokes- £99.95
(Would need to use my old 6 bolt rotors(not needed on the TT wheel anyway))

Any advice on which seems the best deal? Option 1 clearly has the better hub and free new rotors- any advice on these working with M525's?

Option 2 has the lesser quality hub but surely at a tenner more, and with no rotors included can I infer that the spokes/rims are far better?

I'll use my present deore/717 wheels off road, but if they start to disintegrate I'd be looking to put these "spare road wheels on"...or is option 2 better than my current "good off road wheels"?!

Aaaaaargh....any advice welcome! :?


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