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Spare braze-on bolts?

JameyJamey Posts: 2,152
edited October 2008 in The workshop
One of the bolts fell out of my rack on the way home last night (bit of a calamity week all round for me) and I ended up fixing it back in place using a bolt from one of the braze-ons underneath the down tube but this means there's a hole in a prime muck-gathering location under the bike so I need to get some replacement bolts ASAP. Also the bolt I used doesn't match the one that was originally in the rack so they're different on either side which is pedantic but little things like that annoy me.

So I need to buy spare bolts, however I didn't realise there were different sizes: ... 360033795/

Are those the right thread? And which size do I need - 10, 12 or 16mm?


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