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Coast 2 Coast, Any advice?

Braking SucksBraking Sucks Posts: 40
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Hello all,

I'm doing the Coast 2 Coast later this month on my new Kona Kula and was wondering whether anyone had any advice for a first time C2Cer. I'll be doing it solo to add to the challenge in a relatively tame three days for the 150 or so miles. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  • Hi, im thinking about the c2c ride myself, but witch one are you doing?. im interested in minehead to plymouth ride.
    nice new giant trance 3
    also ht coyote
    s-works epic 2008.
  • I'm doing Whitehaven to Tynemouth - i'm pretty sure it's the official route but any would be good in my opinion. Some of it's pretty open and looks like some great riding; climbs, descents and long patches of nice flat riding to enjoy the countryside!
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  • Yep i know the one. plenty of books and maps on that are on the net. im sure there is info about that route on here. people have posted stuff about it all year on here about if they have or are going to do it. i will do it one day.
    nice new giant trance 3
    also ht coyote
    s-works epic 2008.
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    This is the profile of the Sustrans C2C route from Whitehaven to Tynemouth


    I did this route in '05 in a leisurely 5 days, it was still a killer route!

  • Looks awesome - i've seen those profiles before, the climbs should be good fun!
    Kona Kula
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Fun! you are a nutter lol

    Whinlatter, Old Coach Road, Hartside & Nenthead are all sods of climbs
  • Train well, eat and drink plenty during the ride, take some waterproofs, never give up, enjoy it!
    Say hello to Susie in Greystoke (-:
  • dbrentdbrent Posts: 31
    Hi, I did this with 3 mates about 4 weeks ago (first timers too) over 3 days. My advice would be to plan your stops carefully. We stayed at the Acorn Guesthouse in Penrith on the 1st night and Parkhead Station the 2nd night. This meant that we had completed all the hard stuff on the 1st 2 days and had a very easy/enjoyable 3rd day.

    Both places we stayed at were excellent value and the owners couldnt' be more helpful.

    There are some big climbs as previously stated but they did make the trip (bragging rights when you get back). Two of us managed to climb Hartside without walking which was great.

    There were loads of other people doing the route at the same time which was good as we got a bit competitive (helpful when you are flagging).

    Preparation is definitely crucial.

    If you want any more info let me know.

  • bonyjoebonyjoe Posts: 48
    Planning to do this in the coming summer. Gonna take a lot of training for me to be able to cope with some of those hills though :oops:

    Me and my friends were planning to get another friend to drive and meet us at certain points along the way and then we'd camp or stay the night in a B&B.

    Trouble is so far only two of us actually have bikes :lol:
  • carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
    Get some good shorts - its not hard as such but getting on the bike each morning is the most painfull bit. Drink plenty of liquids (I used added Electrolytes to stop cramping).

    We did a 3 day and the 2nd day was a killer 60m due to the way we split it up (keswick to Rookhope) so i'd advise -

    Day 1 Whitehaven - Greystoke (roughly) mostly flat nothing too bad. Watch the traffic in Keswick as it sends you through main street!

    Day 2 Greystoke - Allenheads, this is the hardest part - i'll come back to this bit....

    Day 3 Allheads to Tynemouth, easiest by far mostly downhill or flat but with 1 big climt at stanhope (crawleyside) which will be mid morning for you. When you get to quayside in Newcastle you think your nearly there however you have about 10-11 miles to go.

    Day 2 - Big climbs are:

    Hartside (most famous) this is daunting as you can see it from miles away however it really isnt as hard as it looks - more lengthy rather than steep and a v fast down to Garrigill.

    Garrigill (Shortish but very steep climb out of village) Horrible. Get to the top and it extends as a long prolonged but less steep climb to peak then down into Nenthead. Carefull on the downhill into Nenthead - apparently someone went through the barn doors not so long ago as they went too fast on the descent.

    Nenthead - climb up out of Nenthead to top of Black Hill - I think this is the worst as it comes towards end of day and it can be a bit cold and windy on the top, especially after you have sweated buckets on the climb. Descend into Allenheads - pub in village is worth staying at however there were millions of midgees.

    Last bit of advise - use slicks - its so much easier!
  • Thanks for all the advise - the bum shouldn't be a problem as i've got some good shorts and it's pretty used to sadle time on consecutive days thankfully. I'll read properly through all your tips and take them in i assure you! I can't wait to ride it now!
    Kona Kula
  • Rich25Rich25 Posts: 231
    Do it! Excellent if there weather is good.The hardest part is past hartside in my opinion so dont make the mistake I did and think you are over the worst and stuff your face in the cafe!
  • Anyone see any problems with doing it solo (as i am planning to do)?
    Kona Kula
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Doing it solo...

    Bike maintenance skills will be useful in case anything goes wrong

    1st aid kit & the knowledge of how to use it properly in case of an emergency
  • stu8975stu8975 Posts: 1,334
    Good luck..Hope you have done plenty of hill training, i did it at the end of sept with 2 mates (glorious weather), Whitehaven to Sunderland, there are some 'fun' climbs. There are a few spots where signage isnt the best and its easy to go the wrong way if you havent got a map...Loads of people miss the old coach road out (one of my mates pushed the entire uphill part - about 45mins), i'd say 3/4 is rideable but only if you ride up the grass verge. There are 2 turn offs in Kewsick - left takes you along the old railway lines which is easier, right takes on the climb out of Keswick. We did it in 2 days although 1 of my mates struggled a fair bit due to the climbs. After hearing peoples stories of horror (killer climbs etc) i was a bit surprised when i did it, i'd say im average fitness and i managed a total riding time of 13hrs 5mins (+food stops), 143.5miles (did a wrong turn) and a av speed of 11mph.Top speed of 43mph.
    Day 1 - Whitehaven to Alston (80ish miles)
    Day 2 - Alston to Sunderland
    One of my mates did plenty of 'training' but lack of hill work was his downfall (nearly) and was nearly 3hrs riding time behind me.
    As long as you have prepared well it shouldnt be much of a problem.
    Good Luck
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