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History of my new (old) bike?

andy100andy100 Posts: 11
edited October 2008 in The workshop

I hope I've put this in the right forum, as I'm a newbie to this site and to cycling in general really.

The other day I bought a second hand mountain bike - a Radford 'Comanche' - and was wondering if anybody new anything about them, as there's very little info on the net except for people selling them!

I did find a reference to the Radford brand being a re-badged Falcon/Claude Butler - can anybody confirm this?

The bike's got front suspension and front disk brakes and seems quite light, but as I'm only using it for getting to & from work (the only bit of 'off-road' involved being across a bumpy field) I don't need anything fancy. Just wanted to know about the history of the bike really and if it was any good?!

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