My commuting plans... is my at risk?

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I think I now have nearly concluded what extra gear I need for a commute to my local station (3.5 miles)... eg lights, clothing, bags etc however that still leaves the issue of the bike and security.

My current plan is to turn my 1994 Marin BearValley mtb with Pace carbon fibre suspensions (nice for the era) into my commuting bike. However despite its age it still looks good. I plan to leave it locked in the bike racks at the station but have noticed most of the bikes there are cheap and cheerful....

So my question is, is my bike despite its age going to be too attractive to thieves? Would you use such a bike if leaving locked at a station?

Should I buy another less attractive second hand bike for the daily commute, or a cheap new one, or just invest in very good locks?

What do you all think? Any advice appreciated......




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    If it's got wheels. they'll nick it.

    In London, certainly.
  • Good locks, and if it's as quick-release-y as other MTBs I've seen, you'll need either one that you can wrap many times round and through the whole thing, or several smaller ones.

    Saying that, most of the time good locks are cheaper than new bikes... most of the time!
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    No-ones guna want to be carrying heavy duty bolt croppers or serious gear so if the locks good enough it should be fine, there are usually plenty of folk about at a train station, imo
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    Is there safety in numbers, is there CCTV and is the bike insured?

    I am always concerned that dastardly theives foiled by cunning security measures exact revenge by treading on wheels or otherwise simply vandalising a bike.

    I also get worried that someone will wrestle their bike into a bike rack without a great deal of concern for what is already there. If you like the paint, you might want to avoid very "busy" racks.

    I have two substantial locks which I leave in situ, to fix the frame at two points and to independently secure each wheel. I also strip off the pump, saddle pack, lights and computer. If I had a quick release seat, I'd replace the seat clamp.
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    Just make it more secure than the bike next to it :twisted:

    I use a new and half decent MTB for commuting but it's a mostly unknown brand (Commencal) with an ugly paint job so it looks like a cheap supermarket special. It stays in a rack in our building car park, but sometimes the street door gets left open so I make sure to secure it well. I've replace all the QR skewers, use a D-lock to secure the back wheel to the seat tube and a cable lock around the frame, front wheel and suspension forks.

    Other bikes in the racks are better known brands, better looking, have QR wheels/seats and use one lock.
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    Use 2 locks (at least one U lock) and make sure that the wheels are locked to the bike. Also put mud guards on it and remove any transfers if easily done.
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  • I use a cheap second hand Langster. No gears to worry about being damaged, hammerite paint so it looks rubbish, no far so good. Mind you, I now keep it in my shop, just to be on the safe side....
    Don't use your Marin if it's still in good nick. Keep it as it is. Please? For me? With a cherry on top???? :shock:
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  • Thanks everyone for the great responses.

    I think I will try and get hold of a reasonable quality secondhand rigid mountain bike, remove all decals, change all QR to bolts and get 2 locks!

    Also checking with local crime prevention officer to see if there are many bike thefts from the station.

    Does anyone leave their helmet locked to the bike - ie one less think to cart round on the train? Or this likely to be vandalised?