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Lube (and general maintenance)

Specialized NeedsSpecialized Needs Posts: 802
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I am picking up a new bike today. I want to treat it right. My limit, to date, on using particular types of lube is to spray-dab basic oil onto the chain links. But I've seen lots of other discussion of other types of lubricant (both for different areas of the bike and different brands).


Any suggestions on (remembering this is a 'commuting' forum, so it is day in/day out, on the roads, picking up grime situation, but where I'm not likely to rub the bike down every time I get home) what to use, particular brands, how to use it and how often?

Also, I suppose it might be helpful to have suggestions on what kind of other checks and maintenance to carry out, and how frequently; for example, how to clean the chain and cogs before putting new lube on.



  • sc999cssc999cs Posts: 596
    Have a look at the Park Tools Website for information about maintenance and the late, great, Sheldon Brown's site.

    I use a teflon based dry lube for my chain and pivot points. (Finishline have some videos and other links here which might be interesting. This is good too). Use a dropper bottle to apply to chains and a spray for pivots and cables. I lube whenever the notion takes me but usually about once or twice a month.
    Steve C
  • Thanks for that, Steve. I'll have a good look at those sites while my new baby is drying out in the hallway this evening :roll:

    I had heard of Finishline, so might invest in some of their lubricant (instead of the Decathlon stuff I've nearly run out of).

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