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Is it just me or does anyone find the "pop up" gallery for images associated with an article incredibly annoying. I just want to see the full size images in the page not in a separate overlying box that masks the text. Scrolling down is good, negotiating a new page is bad.

The galleries constantly have to be re-sized to view the whole picture, they are slow to load and necessitate using a flash plug-in which is a dog.

Can't you just keep it simple and have jpeg's in the page? The layout and design of the site is great, classy and simple but frankly the hyper-annoying galleries mean that I frequently give looking at the pics a miss.

Bah Humbug! :x


  • JC.152
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    I went for all of the above but thats cos my internets slow
  • JC.152 wrote:
    I went for all of the above but thats cos my internets slow

    My connection speed is OK and my computer at home is old but I also look at BikeRadar from several other computers both PC & Mac, fast and slow connections using several web browsers. Speed isn't my big gripe though.

    My main point is that the gallery format makes the page text unreadable and you can't really see the gallery properly a lot of the time either.

    To demonstrate my point go to http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/e ... done-18829 and click on the image showing underneath the bottom bracket. Voila! What do you see? Nothing, well nothing useful without re-sizing the gallery anyway. :x

    Badly implemented for usability, a classic case of design taking priority over functionality and usability. I say again, the way the page is laid out and the overall design is great, simple, clear and uncluttered. But the gallery is not a good idea.

    I can't believe that there aren't complaints about this. Maybe I need more coffee :(