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Carrera Banshee Upgrade

kelvovkelvov Posts: 6
edited October 2008 in MTB general
Right, my current bike is a Carrera Banshee 08 model. I'm thinking of upgrading it completely for freeride and a bit of downhill. At the moment, everything is stock except a e.thirteen bashguard and a RaceFace Diabolus D2 Stem.

Budget isn't a problem as I wont buy it all at once, I just want to know how much I need to save first. So can anyone recomend me the things I should change on my Carrera please?

The things i must change are: the forks (thinking of Marzocchi's 888), pedals, crankset, derailleurs, handlebars, brakes (to Avid Juicy 7s maybe? 203mm front and 185mm back), rear shock, wheels, tyres (Maxxis DH Minions?)

Thanks in advance, I hope this is posted in the right place and that this this won't annoy many. Thanks again :)


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