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A velodrome for Ipswich, Suffolk

Fru T BunnFru T Bunn Posts: 159
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I've been hearing rumours. Anyone got any substiating evidence either way on a possible velodrome in Ipswich?



  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Bloody Hell!!!! If you're right I'll have to buy yet another bike. The only thing that stops me from getting a fixed/track bike is the distance to get to a track. I wonder if the Bianchi Pista is still available? :D
  • I'd be surprised. Elmy's have recently taken to stocking a few fixed and singlespeed bikes, so it might be worth popping in and asking them. I'd have to wonder though, who would be paying for this, as I don't really think of Ipswich as a cycling town. Since getting interested in cycling again a few years ago, I mostly ride single or fixed and though I keep my eyes open, single/fix bikes seem to be a rarity round here. I've noticed a COUPLE of them over the past few years, but I've actually seen more singlespeed mtb type bikes round here. From what I've seen at Elmy's I'd guess that a few of the roadies have taken to fixies for the odd TT and so they've added some to their stock. I asked if they were selling well, but apparantly not, though time will tell. I think it's still thought a bit radical and eccentric for most local cyclists, and thats how I feel riding mine.

    It'd be interesting if it were true though, but being a slugspeed I wouldn't see myself racing there, though if it were an outdoor concrete drome I might be tempted to go there for an odd spin and pretend if it was open to the general public to use.

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  • Right, just googled velodrome, ipswich, and there seems to be a new one, in Ipswich, Australia :lol:

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  • can you tell I'm not sleepy?[/url]

    scroll down the page to the coaching section. You'll see it states info on track coaching, at FOXHALL stadium! I've never been to the stadium, but had assumed it would be an ash course, for bangers and speedway bikes. So, I could be wrong, or maybe they have grasstrack racing or cycle speedway?

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