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Should the rules be changed for Lance

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Probably not big news anywhere but Australia but, Lances annoucement that he would start his comeback campaign in Adelaides Tour Down Under has some question marks over it. Apperently he didnt notify the UCI soon enough and his possibly not availble to race till two weeks after the event. Something to do with having to have informed UCI 6 months before you intend on racing. The race organisers are asking that he be allowed to race due to the closeness of the race to the start date, and some debate over whether this rule applys or another one does. What do you think? what i would say though is that something like this really cements a race in a country where cycling isnt even close to main stream, and the intrest in just the past couple of weeks has been amazing. Also did Mario Cipollini go through the same kind of thing i somehow dont think so
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  • It was also stated on the main stream news that the race organisers where considering changing the race date to accommodate Armstrong if the UCI don't allow him to race as per the 6 month rule.

    The race that Chippo did weren't Pro Tour races so where they subject to the same rules/conditions?
  • Havent heard anything about changing the race dates, but it has crossed my mind that they might do it. Tour of California is UCI sanctioned i believe so you would think the same rules would apply i might be wrong though
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  • The rules are there for a reason, if there's an "Armstrong Dispensation" then why not one for anyone else?
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  • If the UCI do this they might as well also serve his interests by accepting a pre-dated TUE if he fails any dope tests. Oh, hang on, they have already done that! :wink:
  • To be honest i in know way a Lance fan boy but is it only been a deal because of who he is, Cipollini came in without so much as boo until the race. True he wasnt really up there for wins but it seems like its broken a far bit. Also there is the fact that this rule may not apply in this situation and its a big fuss about nothing. The fact is the race is 3 months away plenty of time for tests. Seems like if it was anyone else it wouldnt be an issue but because its LA everyone will be busting to stop him from racing.
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  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    The guy is coming back to prove he can do it clean. The first step is to follow the rules, not bend them.

    His comeback won't be thwarted merely by missing a race in Australia. If he wants to take his "awareness" tour (=ego trip) Down Under, he can go tour the Aussie TV studios, not the outback.
  • +1

    I'm a fan of Lance and am convinced he's raced clean through all 7 tour wins. I thnk he really did ride when no one else would/did. I also think he's got a good chance of winning again. But to start with you need to abide by ALL the rules, not pick and chose which you like and don't like.
    I'd like to see him do some sort of Charity event, raise awareness of cycling as a sport, etc. That would be good.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I didnt know there was such a rule ? Although I guess its not usual that someone who hasnt been racing under the UCI regs suddenly turns up out of the blue to race pro.
  • Jez monJez mon Posts: 3,809
    TBH I don't care that much about the tour down under. However, rules are rules if Lance wants to convince us of his cleanliness he has to obey them, not try and bend them, if it was any other rider, there would be no argument, he'd have to obey the rules. But for lance, poeple want to debate it.

    Cipo's case was different, he wasn't racing in pro tour races.

    As others have said, if Lance really wants to go and promote cancer awareness, then he can do that using other things, he doesn't need to race at the tour. But I think his ego makes him think that the rules don't apply to him.

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  • squiredsquired Posts: 1,153
    If the rule was in place before Lance decided to come back (which it was) then I don't think he can complain. If that is your sport you have to be aware of all the rules (or at least have someone who looks at them for you). Lance could still go to the Tour of Australia, but simply not as a participant in the race. I'm sure he'd still be able to achieve what he is setting out to do, maybe moreso.
  • MoomaloidMoomaloid Posts: 2,040
    I'm with Jez. I agree that rules should be followed, but i really don't care too much about this. I'm sure corners will be cut everywhere where this return to racing is concerned so this will be the first of many.
  • Trev36Trev36 Posts: 92
    Just thought I'd bump this back up give Armstrong was given approval to race the TDU.
    So I guess the anti doping rules and procedures aren't as important as one man. :roll:
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Indeed, one man can get the rules written. I'd like to see an unknown Belgian or French rider try this. If a Bert Van Klein or a Jean Lepetit tried it, they'd have no chance. Again, he's showing himself bigger than the rules.

    It's ironic that his comeback relies on a suspension of the antidoping rules. :lol: :roll:
  • Jez monJez mon Posts: 3,809
    Why oh why?

    What's the point in having a set of rules and then discarding them when something like this happens? Whatever next, a post dated allowance for a banned substance :lol: ?
    You live and learn. At any rate, you live
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    "The International Cycling Union (UCI) has decided to approve Lance Armstrong's participation in the forthcoming Tour Down Under in Australia, to be held 20-25 January, the first event of the 2009 UCI ProTour," said a UCI statement.
    "According to Article 77 of the Anti-Doping Regulations introduced in 2004, a retired rider may only return to competition by informing the UCI six months in advance in order to allow him/her to be available for out-of-competition testing.
    "Consequently, Lance Armstrong would only be able to return to the sport at international level from 1 February 2009, a week after the end of the Australian event.
    "In respect of this situation, the UCI has taken into account the progress made in its anti-doping programme since 2004. As a result of the improvements implemented, riders are now subject to a much-reinforced system of monitoring compared to that of the past.

    I'm wondering if the bit I've put in bold couldn't be construed as a bit of a swipe at St Lance, saying 'you might have got away with it back then Sunshine, but you won't get away with it now' ? :lol:
  • I figured that the UCI would let him race, the race organiser and the local goverment that put the race on are going nuts. Just thought id give you guys a little insight into the race over here. Firstly we dont get much pro cycling televised over here, the TdF starts at 1 am and thats about it. we have a weekly 1 hour show on Sunday at 11am which is when everyones out on there weekend ride. Most people follow the racing via the internet and the local Mags. This race actually manages to bring a decent contigent of the peleton every year. For a sport that is not in the mainstream this race has a massive following, so as much as i see a bit of a double standard in allowing him to race it will one secure the race of years in not decades to come. Two the participation and crowds to this years race will be massive. Its not all about Lance.
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